Who Am I?

Network Analyst

Jose Arroyo

Jose A. Arroyo Cruz serves as communications technician for the federal government and the military. His duties include include user-level troubleshooting, telecommunications maintenance, IT systems maintenance, network systems analysis, information security, information assurance, and radar communications.

Arroyo is an accomplished IT security specialist with nearly 13 years of experience in designing, implementing and security hardening information systems for the Federal government, the military and private sector organizations.

Arroyo is a founder of Talk To An IT an consulting and training organization, and the Vice President/Co-Founder of Obsidis Consortia, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the community understand technology and information assurance. As part of this movement Obsidis Consortia has been collaborating with the Puerto Rico’s Department of Justice with cybercriminal investigations, and training law enforcement officials/prosecutors on cybercrime. He is the co-author of The Cyber Crime Investigative Methodologies handbook written specifically for Puerto Rico’s code of justice.

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