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Almost 2 years ago I took the CISSP. I have to admit I have no test taking abilities, and the proctor staring at me for 6 hours killed me. I failed with a 685. This was a very tragic moment on my life; knowing that the pass rate is 70%, I felt the stupidest person on the world. After a couple of weeks of “in the fuck it” mode I decided to do something about it. That is when I started my Masters on Information Assurance. I work for the Federal Government; and for some reason you could have all the experience in the world, but if you do not have a Cert or Credentials to back it up you do not get the job.

So here I am again, a couple of years after at it again. The reason I did not take it again quickly was because of the 500 dollars lost. I wanted to make sure I would not fail again. Now I want to review and help other people review for the exam.

This Blog for now is about CISSP but first I want to talk about other credentials in the market and their standing from my very personal point of view.


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OSI Reference Model Layer Summary

The The Open System Interconnection Reference Model is some thing that should be completely learned and memorized.  Pretty much just read the chart a couple of times and try to learn it so that when you are asked you can have a quick response.


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